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Motorolas Como ingresar los codigos Subsidy (liberaciones por imei) en ingles

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Motorolas Como ingresar los codigos Subsidy (liberaciones por imei) en ingles

Mensaje  Admin el Jue Feb 12, 2009 4:39 pm

Por el momento estan en ingles en otro rato lo tradusco al español.

Motorola Unlock Code Instructions for ALL MOTOROLA MODELS:
How to enter your unlock code:

Remove your working simcard and insert the simcard of a different provider, and when prompted for a subsidy password, enter the code above.

What to do if - "Contact Service Provider", "Tampert Alter", "Wait before enter special Code" message is displayed: If after inserting a simcard from a different provider you notice the message "contact service provider" or any of the messages above, you will need to leave your phone on, at that "contact service provider" screen, for 1-3 hours. Just let it sit on the screen and dont touch any buttons during that time. It will then switch to something like "enter subsidy password", and you can then enter your code.

Model : Motorola L6i & L7i (not L6 and L7 without "i")

1 - Press and hold "*" key by dialing code 787090
2 - The mobile displays: "Menu. Network"
3 - Choose 'yes' and then press OK
4 - The mobile ask you for code
5 - Enter the code for unlocking.


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