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Pantech Instrucciones

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Pantech Instrucciones

Mensaje  Admin el Jue Feb 12, 2009 4:55 pm

Pantech Unlock Code Instructions

Pantach C150

1) keep your AT&T simcard in the phone.

2) type in *#865625#

3) it will ask for your pass key to unlock. Type the pass key we sent you.

Any other model:

1 - Insert non-accepted SIM card
2 - Power on the device
3 - The display will show "Change SIM" and Left Soft Key will be labeled "Unlock"
4 - Press Left Soft Key - A "Password" box will appear on display
5 - Enter Unlock Code
6 - Press "OK" - Center Soft Key
The device will display "rebooting" and then power cycle
7 - The device is now unlocked


Power on with incorrect sim, enter unlock code when prompted

Enter code using onscreen keyboard when unlocking a Pocket PC Phone


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