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HP iPaq Series 6315, 6325, 6300, 6515,

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HP iPaq Series 6315, 6325, 6300, 6515,

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HP iPaq Series 6315, 6325, 6300, 6515, more:

1 Insert NON Cingular SIM into device
2 Power on the device
- Wait approximately 30 seconds until the SimLock application appears (the delay may be longer if the user has already attempted an unlock with the wrong code)
3 Enter the unlock code in the blank field
4 Press Ok
- If the unlock code is incorrect, an error dialog will appear. After pressing Ok on this dialog, the user has to re-enter the unlock code after delays (see above in Device Specific Information)
- If the unlock code is correct, a success dialog will appear.
5 Press Ok
- The device is now unlocked and should continue bootingOR
1. On the Today screen, tap Start > Settings.
2. Tap the Phone Band icon.
3. Tap the Keyboard icon to open the virtual keyboard
4. Tap Shift and then Ctl key to enable the keys.
5. Tap the blank area below the band selection box to open the unlock tool.
6. Tap Shift and then Ctl to disable the keys.
7. Enter the 8-digit unlock code and tap OK when done.
8. Wait for the device to validate the unlock code (about five seconds). You will see one of the following screens:
1) Unlock successful.
2) Unlock failed due to incorrect code. The user has three attempts to unlock. After three attempts, the device will refuse any more unlocking attempts. Perform a soft reset to reset the counter to perform additional unlocking attempts.
3) Device is not ready for unlocking. This error message displays when the user tries to unlock when the phone application (not the device) is not in a steady state. It takes 30 seconds after powering on the phone for it to reach a steady state.

*If you already have an unlock code and sim card but when you input code, it always says " unlock code not accepted, you have tried...." You must update your ROM version . About 5% hp 6315 have this problem.
This problem can easy be resolved with this ROM update ( ROM v1.00.38 )
This rom update will remove all T-mobile logos and sofware and your 6315 will become OEM 6315
dowload here : rapidshare.com SP29760_6315.zip.html
1. Unzip/Extract it using your unzip program (i.e. WinRAR, WinZip, 7zip, etc...)
2. Place the h6315 in cradle. connect it to USB and charger
3. Double click on the hpRUU.exe to run the program
4. View the Readme and if you wish to proceed Agree to the Terms and Conditions
5. Click Next
6. Click Next again to flash the device with the new ROM


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